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Visa Application Guidelines Crimea 

For controlling an ordinary single or double tourist visa must be submitted: 

  1. Tourist voucher, as well as confirmation of receipt of the tourist by a Russian organization, which operates as a tour operator and its details are listed in the Unified Federal Register of Tour Operators; 
  2. International passport with at least 2 blank pages for the visa with a validity of 6 months from the date of expiry of the validity of the visa; 
  3. Visa Form, completed the website, printed and personally signed by the applicant; 
  4. (When selecting the place of submission of the documents the visa center shall indicate you intend to submit the documents) 
  5. A color photo of 3.5 to 4.5 cm with a light background, with a clear frontal image of the face, without tinted glasses and without headgear (except citizens because of their nationality or religion depicted on their passport photos with headgear); 
  6. Policy of medical insurance, which is valid on the territory of the Russian Federation and the validity of the visa covers except in cases based on reciprocity. 

Caution! The Consular Section is entitled to claim for the visa application, to invite a conversation or treatment to prolong term. Applicants from additional documents 

The consular and service fees can be paid directly to the visa center. 


For citizens of the Netherlands and the European Union 

Processing time rate                      Consular                  Service Fee (VAT incl.) 

Visa single 

7-9 business days                           starting €   65,-                  starting € 30,- 
4-5 working days                            starting € 100,-                  starting € 30,- 

Nota Bene! If you are stateless or not a citizen of the Netherlands or the European Union, inform you about the cost of your visa to an employee of the call center of Russian Visa Center. 

The cost and the time of the issuance of visas to citizens of other countries and stateless persons shall be calculated according to the "rate of fees for consular acts performed by the consular institutions of the Russian Federation." 

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